Christmas table inspirations

In the last few weeks I have been sharing in Instagram my inspirations for home decorating for Christmas. Me and my followers have enjoyed it a few ideas. I wanted to have these inspirations being available for you to try on the Christmas day or be ready for the next year season planning.

Below you will find a few ideas for the table setting which I set up at my country home.

Natural Christmas table setting

The Scandinavians mastered decorating with all natural and local materials. Their decorations for Advent or Christmas are rooted to nature, forests, gardens or meadows. The aesthetics of Hanne, a florist from Denmark (hanneutoft) and her use of tree branches, moss, pine cones and minimalistic decorations made me try this natural style for the Christmas table setting.

I found during my weekend trips the long and old tree branch covered by moss and lichen. It became my table centrepiece an a focal point on the wooden table. I decided to add my old glass ornaments in light green and a few other natural colors to contrast the rough natural textures. The look was complemented by the whitewashed wooden trays – plates with green edgings so build the connection between the surface of the table, the green moss of the tree branch and the trays. 

You can see on the photos how it looks together.

A skirted Christmas table

This year I also tried to make a bold style statement to the Christmas table. I used a very long and wide cream tablecloth that could be a canvas for the decorations. A draped large tablecloth adds softness and texture.

To this neutral scene I invited a traditional red color in a more sophisticated shade. I found the deep dark red cotton ribbon which decorated the flower vase, candle holders and chairs. The red accent was also in the petals of amaryllis and alstroemeria flowers in the stunning bold flower arrangements. Large cream candles, dark and muted colors of glass ornaments plus the large wooden beads garland make this table style elegant, neutral and natural at the same time.

Warm soft Christmas table idea

This season I do love the elegant look in a cozy warm version. Simplicity in decorations on the Christmas table allows to admire the focal point and to feel comfortable when entertaining and enjoying the dinner. In this Christmas table setting I concentrated on the natural floral arrangement. The coral shade of the amaryllis flower catches the eye so I added only a few branches of pine and mistletoe to highlight the winter country mood.

The remaining of the Christmas table details are kept modest: the light cream large tablecloth, gently contrasting nut brown napkins decorated with a very long taupe ribbon. The white china does not distract the overall look from the beautiful flower. 

You can see that the stocking from the coral velvet happened to match the flower’s shade. Such a nice color repetition in the space.

The seasonal home styling here is based on plants that have their natural beauty and do not generate another pile pf plastic waste once the Christmas is over. And when looking for floral ideas you really can go for unique colors of:

- poinsettia or Star-of-Bethlehem,

- amaryllis,

- paperwhites,

- cyclamen,

- ranunculus,

- tulips,

- bulb flowers in pots

The more fresh greens and flowers, the better. Shall this be the quote of this season?

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