Trends for 2021

A new year, but new trends too? Let’s see…

Styles and trends by interior designers

Schumacher has run the research in the 4th quarter of 2020 to see how the interior design industry survived Covid and what are the future developments. For 2021 interior design enthusiasts have a softer spot for Eclectic, Bohemian and Preppy in interior design. However the interior designers prefer more traditional style. The top trends that prevail are:

– new traditional (59%)

– transitional (61%)

– traditional (39%)

Clear trend regarding natural elements is reported by Schumacher survey. It goes along the trend shown by Pinterest presentation: „JAPANDI”. Japandi is a new minimalism style which mixed Scandinavian minimalism with the Japanese design. It incorporates sleek lines, neutral color schemes and calming interior styling. Invest in wooden design with elegant twist so you can match the neutral color palette of earthy tones.


In 2020 during lock-downs our homes became new offices, where we connected with the outside word with Zoom, Skye or Teams… People invested in wall decorating, galery walls, posters or hanging plants. A lot of effort was dedicated to make the background for our daily meetings more attractive.   

In 2021 the walls will still be on top. This year shelfies are the new gallery walls. Do you like #shelfie on Instagram? I do enjoy tips of StudioMcGee, HouseNineDesign or others to add to the shelf styling more interest. If you are looking for more inspirations, follow #shelfiesaturday, #shelfiesunday and have more fun from arranging your home decorations.

Kitchen shelves will be one of the most favourite corners of our house in 2021. Textured eye-catching pottery, accessories, unique glassware to display, copper cookware or clay plates. I’m sure you can find some natural decorative pieces or vintage dinnerware to give your kitchen shelves an upgrade.

New space challanges

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. I follow their trend reports as these days very often the individuals create new trends in fashion, lifestyle or interior styling. ETSY annual trend report shows a rise of cottagecore design as we have spent more time working, learning and relaxing at home. In 2021 we will most likely continue blurring the lines of work and living. The focus will be around finding the ways to reimagine the homes and incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multi-functional spaces. 

Pinterest wskazuje ciekawą zbitkę „cloffice”  czyli nasze home office, gdzie jednak nie będziemy planować tak bardzo otwartej przestrzeni. Drzwi będą w cenie? A kiedy to nie będzie możliwe, ludzie będą znajdować kreatywne sposoby na wydzielenie tego kawałka swojej prywatnej przestrzeni. Kolorem czy meblem będziemy szukać sposobu, który pomoże podzielić mieszkanie. Można też wykorzystać dekoracyjne girlandy z drewnianych korali.

Houseplants lovers

Houseplants will continue to be a vital part of our every day space arrangements. Taking care about our green friends is calming and relaxing. The plants decorate shelves, windows, they can hang from the ceiling in the bedroom or next to our working space.

One of the plants mentioned very often is Hoya (e.g. Hoya Nummularioides, Hoya Linearis). This is a plant I remember from my grandmother’s kitchen. The other plant is Sansevieria Trifasciata „Gold Flame”. Sansevierias (also called: Snake plants) were so popular at homes, schools when I was young as it can survive almost anything. „Gold Flame” is havely yellow and can bring inexpensive but vivid greenery to your space. And in fact one of the trend is to discover again the „old” plant species and bring them back to our houses and balcony gardens.

While we are talking about plants, we will be creative with containers. Container gardening is not a new concept but its popularity keeps growing. Especially as it allows gardening in such small spaces as balconies, patios. As I have seen in the „Garden Design” selecting one color scheme for plants, flowers, containers is going to be the trend for 2021. Which color is your favourite?

Colors of the year

I cannot discuss the trends without touching colors of the year. This year the colors announced for 2021 are a little surprising for me. Pantone’s color marriage of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow did not win my heart. Pinterest sees neon colors in lighting for young people rooms and expects more to see colorful LED lights on Instagram accounts.

Mnie zachwycił natomiast kolor roku u producenta farb Benjamine Moor, spokojny i kojący Egejski turkus / Aegean Teal. Przywodzi na myśl wakacje nad morzem,  słoneczne śródziemnomorskie dni,  spacery po plaży. Uważam, że jest to wspaniały kojący kolor na okres kiedy będziemy dzielić wiele godzin i dni w domach ze swoimi rodzinami w kolejnym roku.


From all these trends everyone can find something to refreshing the house and interiors. I think every year it is worth looking for decorative objects that bring natural materials, real craftsmanship and art to your spaces. As predicted by Kathryn M. Ireland: „Real decorating is back in-colors, textures, a mix of old and new. (…) Keep the pieces that have meaning.”

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